3 Cost Saving Dollar Store Merchandise Stock Work Strategies

One of the very real challenges faced by those who are opening a dollar store is associated with the dollar store merchandise coming and going in their store. With the high volume there is a constant flow of newly arrived merchandise. Locating, ordering and tracking that merchandise takes time. On the other end of the spectrum is the work to offload, receive, sort, price and display incoming merchandise. This must be done quickly and efficiently. There is no time to waste once merchandise arrives. Yet dollar store costs must stay in control so there is also a limited budget for staffing to handle all of the tasks. In this article I present merchandise stock work strategies for those opening a dollar store.
* Do save time, effort and costs by never handling merchandise twice. Once is enough! Move merchandise from being checked in the receiving area, right into stock carts and then immediately taken onto the sales floor for display. While this effort may require two people, the steady flow of the process eliminates the need to stack merchandise following receipt and then placing into stock carts for display later. The elimination of wait time before stocking also saves you money.
* Never mix merchandise in stock carts. Always load carts with like items. Whether items are found in the same department, or adjoining departments minimize time and effort by matching items as you fill stock carts. It is easy to sort as items are received and end up with multiple carts loaded correctly. The stock carts can then go to only one or two locations before they are completely emptied. There is also no need to dig through merchandise to find the items belonging in a single aisle of your store.
* Establish over stock areas right on the sales floor. The best way to handle this is by adding shelves across the top of display fixtures and lining excess merchandise directly above the location they are on display. This process eliminates the need for excess merchandise storage back room space. This also eliminates dollar store costs associated with the wasted time required to carry excess items from the sales floor to the backroom and then returning item to the sales floor later to start stocking again.
You can reduce costs associated with freight handling by taking the time to really streamline the flow of incoming merchandise from receiving until it is on display in your store. Set up your receiving area so there is plenty of light to read invoices and other support documentation. Provide enough space for quick and easy movement of pallets and stock carts. Don’t forget to add a table for dollar store merchandise sorting.
To your success when opening a dollar store!

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3 Cost Saving Dollar Store Merchandise Stock Work Strategies
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