An Opening Special, Special Achievements Opened?? Visit An Open Group Chairman And Chief Executive

China opened Electric Group is a science, industry, trade, industry Investment In one of the national large-scale non-regional enterprise groups. Now has eight wholly owned, and controlled production of large enterprises, 77, 300 foreign processing partner companies, a total of more than 3,000 employees, including 483 research and technical managers, production and business area of 127,000 square meters, at home and abroad grouped Sell Company, office 547 outlets, totaling 460 million yuan in sales. The company is constantly increasing technological transformation, new product development efforts, but also speed up the industrial expansion, accelerate industrial upgrading, promote the rapid development of enterprises has been gradually involved in industrial investment, Estate Development, landscaping, hotel services and other fields.

Opened in Shanghai, chairman and president of Tu Changzhong

Interviewed profiles: Tu Changzhong, Shanghai opened the Group Chairman and President. China’s democratic founding members of the Committee, Senior Engineer, Senior Economist, Social Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Hong Kong, China’s first honorary doctorate, Jiangxi Broadcasting TV Visiting Professor.

Few years, in his Leadership Under Group miracle to open in Shanghai developed rapidly growing, becoming the nation Private enterprise Peer leader.

His outstanding achievement, has been honored as “China’s outstanding Entrepreneur “” China 100 elite “,” China’s reform Person of the Year “” Outstanding Contemporary Talent “,” Chinese entrepreneurs in good faith “,” Sino-US economic cooperation, Chief Entrepreneur, “” China’s reform and cutting-edge people “,” China’s outstanding Business Entrepreneurs “,” World Manager Achievement Award, “” Private Economy Ten Man of the Year “,” top ten news of China’s economy “and titles such as honor.

In 2006, Wenzhou Electric Festival site, we interviewed Mr. Tu Changzhong!

Reporter: Mr. Tu Changzhong Hello! First of all, congratulations on your Top Ten won the 2005 economic figures!

We note that in this Electric Festival The show has a very unique site unit?? Live charity bazaar. We know that a group is the first one to open in formally established within the Department of charitable groups. I ask that you set up this charitable what the original intention of the Department? Departments and activities established after the employees get what s outstanding? Spiritual and cultural shaping of the staff what role they played? Mr.

Tu Changzhong: An open group within the group setting is the charitable arm of the mind to help others. The establishment of this department due to my faith. I very much believe in Christianity. We know the central idea of Christianity is “love and care.” Jesus tells us that God so loved the world, so everybody has to love this world. This is the belief of my business into the building, gradually formed a unique culture this idea.

In a Christian, I also love other people, concerned about others, but at the time of love and to be passive, fragmented, chaotic and easily forgotten. In order to truly care for the community, care of vulnerable groups, the love letter, so the department set up a special charity event, and send a dedicated personnel department. As a result, charitable activities, open and orderly change of specification.

Our efforts to love and gradually penetrate into the Corporate Culture Inside. Initiative of each employee to be good at helping others. However, we stress on a voluntary basis, within our capabilities. Sometimes a difficult person to lend a helping hand, donate their love, not have to use money to convey, but we demand an open each employee care of vulnerable groups, poor people’s love must be, love the warm air gradually brought to the community. Everyone love to create a harmonious society.

Each employee at this idea of being influenced by corporate culture, companies are developing such form a very strong cohesion. One person in trouble all employees to help, such heartfelt joy and gratitude beyond words. An open and harmonious environment such as in a large family among them. As a leading company who I assume is a parent’s role, our relationship is like a family feeling.

We promise, it was difficult, if not help, a person must stand up and open to help, we must take the initiative to do it.

Reporter: Society there are many people who need help, open the Group is to help a difficult and vulnerable objects have no standards?

Mr. Tu Changzhong: Our target is usually concerned about living alone, heavy disease and poor areas of school children. For help in difficulties and vulnerable objects we do not have a certain standard, as long as a person as much open, we will continue to concern and care. An open man for help in difficult and vulnerable objects into the agenda of the track and help, will keep in touch for a long time, ongoing funding.

Difficult and vulnerable groups of society are very large, single-handedly opened people’s power is very limited, we hope to open by a person’s efforts and good behavior that can cause public concern, the strength of the community is great.

Reporter: Heard when the company set up a number of charitable sector employees responded positively to the charitable sector enthusiasm registration work is that so?

Mr. Tu Changzhong: Yes. Corporate Philanthropy department currently has five individuals responsible for concerted efforts to create open only to belong to a particular culture of love.

Reporter: Now the market Competition So intense that people say Shopping Like a battlefield. The so-called “God so loved the world that everyone love”, in the face of brutal competition, you will love and give up because of economic interests? In the concrete business Operation Operation, how do you balance this contradiction? Mr.

Tu Changzhong: I think the two aspects of this problem in fact you think carefully about them is not in conflict. In fact, just beginning to faith in Christ’s time, this problem has plagued me, so I was seriously thinking.

The face of competition, brutal competition in the market, all the how to deal with? I think that, in the face of difficulties and problems when the heart person who loves to do things and deal with the problem sometimes the means, but people who love to choose the most sensible means of competition, all the mind are not malicious, not do black and white reversed, malicious attacks thing. People who love people just stand their position on the firm’s maintenance

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An Opening Special, Special Achievements Opened?? Visit An Open Group Chairman And Chief Executive
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