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“Flagship rule the roost, Matrix Reloaded,” “newly opened flagship store more than 10,000 square meters, large area, high-low”, “to create the largest flagship store in East China” … … In recent days, leading to Hangzhou the noisy appliance stores endless weekend ad war is overwhelming. Notably, this time we all enthusiastically participated in the “flagship store”, competing kings, “flagship”, “super mall” has become the most frequent words. With new stores started taking monthly increase, the phenomenon of home appliance stores get together and intensified, as Qiutao northbound section of the upper and lower range of 500 meters would have to open a four appliance stores, including two new stores were claiming to be “flagship.” People can not help but wonder: What is the flagship store? We need so many flagship store?

“Flagship” of the war intensified

In fact, the struggle to open a “flagship” hot in Beijing, Nanjing and other cities staged. This two-day Beijing came home appliance stores “flagship” of the dispute is uproar, Suning has announced a “flagship store standards”, including the large scale of the parking lot, parking for more than the number in 1000; business area of 10,000 ? above; and internationally known brand integration chain, such as the formation of domestic mall. Suning said that several other consumer electronics stores are not known flagship store, is a “parallel imports” flagship store, and said need “fake.” News came out, naturally caused some saliva war.

In Hangzhou, home appliances, “flagship store” heat just as much as Beijing, Nanjing and other cities. At present the major home appliance chain has opened in the Hang Area, close to newly opened stores on 15. You shop, I shop, next door, across road across the phenomenon of more and more common.

Reporter yesterday to ask the City Board of Trade, the parties understand that this term is not a flagship store Yetai standard. Hangzhou opened dozens of commercial activities where the basic conditions of the standard list, and found that only stores, department stores, large specialty store such claims. The flagship store of the phenomenon frequently advertised, industry experts believe that, in fact, is a figurative flagship store concept, as the flagship of a fleet need to lead, as the brand flagship store should be a standard image of the perfect: have the most complete system , design the most standardized, especially the details are perfect; products should be very rich, advanced grade, should pass a kind of brand concept. Large area alone, the product more, and can not be a true flagship store. Hangzhou, the so-called contrast flagship store in many sectors, in addition to store more than a large cargo, and not fundamentally reflect the characteristics of the flagship store.

To build a “flagship” of non-momentary power

Appliance store’s crowded, crazy enclosure, has begun into a situation of excessive competition. Appliance is not fashion, the same type of standardized products more comparable. Blindly worked hard in the price war while also trying appliance chain thrust, Ever “flagship store” concept came into being. The appliances all say “flagship store” is based on high-end low-cost, more the pursuit of quality, focusing on the environment and services to attract more popular. Hangcheng several “flagship store” opened at the beginning also really captured the attention of consumers, but over time has to settle, and large venue rental, daily expenses have become increasingly apparent, magnitude and angle for the dress to a much smaller profit margin distribution of the more heavy appliances. The industry believes that, despite the extensive presence of high-end goods, “flagship store” in the positioning of the broad nature of the diversification of consumer groups and the multilevel nature of the product price has reached an unprecedented peak, but in fact as “flagship store “is still in the few success stories of the primary substantive exploration and attempt to stage and pains from several retailers first began planning efforts can be seen to open up the high-end market is not that easy.

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Appliance Stores In Hangzhou Champion, "flagship" Into A Cycle Of Big Stores - Home
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