August 11 Special Reloading Opened Five

Five Star stores after the sheep this side of the West shop decoration and material intensive preparation, Ming (11) day grand opening. The store opened five-star for the well prepared “ammunition”, seven major types of home appliances prices than other stores of 10% -50% lower.

Super market discount pound

Five Star Leader revealed Five Star sheep shop opened by the West support a number of manufacturers to provide tens of millions of super discount merchandise, heavy to pound the market. “The impact of the most compelling figures!” The person in charge think so. In its few pages thick, provides a list of the bargains, the price of digital dense indeed impressive, I believe will be deeply moved by the enthusiasm from the buying public.

It is reported that the Five Star Western Store reloading sheep will play the cheap card opening, involving thousands of major categories of goods, special varieties of discount magnitude of the few precedents in the Chengdu region, including air conditioning, color TV , refrigerators, washing machines, digital, communications, audio, and small white seven categories, including, total tens of millions of low-cost sales of special machines.

Addition to a variety of activities to buy gifts, each category will be introduced are very impact of promotions, such as price reductions, gifts and prizes. According to reports, Yang Xidian audience Heavy phone 200 -800 yuan. In addition to mobile phones, the color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner and digital cameras, MP3 and other digital products have a substantial discount promotions. Among them, 100 yuan less cooker, rice cookers, electric irons, water dispenser, juice machine, phone everywhere, even 500 color TV, color phone about 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan in the washing machine to help array. At the same time, plasma TV, LCD TV, inverter air conditioner and other appliances will be expensive, “high and selling low.”

Joint marketing major stores

According to reports, in line with the sheep shop opened the West, will be jointly owned by Five Star Eight Street shop, camp shop door, Mannenba shops, high lift bridge a massive store promotions. Not only the prices drop, there is the generation of the value of 360 gold card, customers enjoy a premium equal to the purchase price or the price of goods. Among them, LCD TV, plasma TV prices fell by more than a point a week ago; kitchen and home appliances more in the “Hit opening” of lead, greatly reduced; purchase will receive a digital flat-panel TV products and so on; purchase send dish washer films or music center; purchase a digital camera will receive a memory card, digital spree … …

Activities have been buying gift

Five Star’s “champions”, the opening of “gift” is essential. It is reported that, at 10 o’clock on the August 11, Five Star ready gifts worth nearly 200 million, Five Star sheep in Western stores, camp store entrance, soaring bridge shop, Mannenba shop, Babao Street shop five main stores in advance pull all-round promotion of the curtain category, the “heavy Zhang Feast” by Five Star price cuts, special, promotions and other activities for consumers in an instant appreciation of the yuan, Maijiu Song, full of the gifts, return of the consumer, value gift, and all battle. Small to small appliances, large LCD TV, everything taste. When consumers can not only access to manufacturers of shopping, Five Star also donated gifts, but also free of many pleasant surprises.

It is understood that before the five-star appliances and Merchants Bank jointly hire service for customers convenience. Zheng Yu Liping Morning Post edition have written

news courtesy of Five Star

VIP member of attention, thank you for the long-standing member of the trust and support of Five Star, Five Star is hereby introduced the integral aspects of gift exchange activities, according to their points can exchange a variety of plush toys, such as the NICI Bear, Cartoon dog, microwave ovens, mobile phones, For the gift exchange please bring members to the five-star VIP members in the near future in Chengdu area were converted to 5 major stores.

Courtesy of two five-star

Five Star “Haier Cup” contest will start the third electrical model, where the age of 16-35 years of age, height limitation, regardless of occupation, men and women are invited, Registration: Participants may bring their ID card and I live according to two to six inches of any Five Star stores, ask for and fill out the registration form and registration form to the staff participate in the competition;

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August 11 Special Reloading Opened Five
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