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U.S. beauties known. Tung Shih Shih east, that the beauties beautiful and compelling reason why is because when the beauties sometimes sad frown Organisation mouth, so to learn the beauties East Shi also frown Organisation’s mouth up. Tung Shih this is not the United States, coupled with ugly artificial, passers-by see the that ugly.

Recent years, ultra-Yetai increasingly competitive business, competitive pressures business owners will share over to the supplier who, in an endless stream of various fees assessed to commercial suppliers and products shrinking profit margins, and some even to the profitable point. Forced by competitive pressures and breakthrough ideas, many original to the mainstream commercial super product manufacturers, vendors, brands was invariably turned to the masses, a care Cosmetic Store systems product development, production, sales, store operating system and an unprecedented form of product development, business hot. Turbulent heat from the face of cosmetics monopoly, it is break through the blue ocean strategy, or the despair of a straw?

I had contact with a three-lane super-brand manufacturing business seller s, s see ultra-date products business book business days, while the operating system monopoly “home music beauty” brand, attacking the city clearly place an extra, fast, and the Then store the system has started operating. Mr. S brand played a “treasure so and so”, in Hong Kong, a British group to inject a holding brand, the United States called the British brands. Product packaging design fully modeled brand name “Safeguard Dan” style and design. S FromEMKT.com.cn on marketing company to authorize the Proxy Mode. Direct from the authorized dealers around the development or the development of lower-level agents set up shop or counter. S corporations are the agents a higher profit agency and individual counseling and guidance before the shop. The only decoration style products in accordance with agency cash stock. “Po certain” to store, counter to the emerging large-scale supermarkets, shopping streets set point, store splendid, splendid, dazzling array of products it is truly high-end cosmetics style. However, most returning to shop shop a year or so, not close down could not stand the high rents, is working hard and making hardcore waiting for luck has turned.

Another day of four-line brand in the production, marketing company M, see the “Guerlain Girl” “Lay Park” store development in full swing, is also playing the idea of open systems products store. Played a “X Si Tong” brand name, crown of the Japanese brand, Lancome LOOG reference to logo design, developed dozens of varieties to the retail price of 40-60 dollars Folding to the agent Sizhe to end monopoly business. Results After six months of the investment to expand, the agents only attracted a number of zero volume, and are getting goods on their own cosmetics shop sales, sales of very limited scale. Relatives and friends of the director had to launch their business. Relatives and friends who are mostly wage earners. No experience a sales agent, two non-financial capital to expand. At first, the factory also would let point credit, and can still have little bit of sales. M companies already limited financial resources, how to support the first paragraph after the sale of playing mode of operation. Finally, after the so-called agents are notified in paragraph means loans made, had fled for birds bulk.

S and M store to see products can sell more products than supermarkets prices, it does not have to pay various fees to the business over that so you can earn more profits higher. In their view, the so-called product but a package store system higher grade, more cost into it.

Store products than from the face of public companies over product pricing to high, can reduce the commercial ultra-exploitation, can generate a higher return. However, deep analysis, higher prices, means that product requirements are also high. From the quality of efficiency for the domestic medium and small business over the mass production of this product is strong with a free pass and get away components, but to a better quality to the crowd, how can I stand the challenges they left the right tick . Them a try disposable. Not repeat, there is no long continued operation, S Enterprise’s “Po X Lan”, “x thinking together” as they can close up shop.

S company engineers 2, 3 are engaged in commercial ultra-day product formula design, test engineers, there is no specialized for specific populations, specific characteristics of the design formula of skin experience and ability, in special research can be very limited expertise. M company is more even, just get one or two part-time amateur engineers as product formulation, formulation development, all of these part-time engineers are engaged in commercial products over Japan’s. No delicate targeted, and outstanding quality, how can consumers be convinced, in which alone the fair without stall Xu, muddle through the product, without hesitation customers back, resulting in brand trust?

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