Do Your Homework BEFORE Opening Your Mouth to Speak – Part 1

Imagine that someone has gotten in touch with you and asked you to speak to their company, their firm, their organization or club, their university, or possibly at a convention or expo. Perhaps you are toasting a bride, giving a eulogy or delivering a graduation speech.

-You may look upon this invitation with delight or you may regard it with dread.

-You may be talking to 5 people or it could be 500.

-You may be speaking for 10 minutes or as long as 50.

-You may be getting paid or you might be speaking gratis.

-You may be speaking across the street or across the country.

-You may have to arrange and pay for your travel or it may be provided for you.

-You may be on a stage or in the corner of a library.

-You may be one of a long list of presenters or you may be the only speaker.

-You may need a Power Point presentation or possibly some other form of visual aid.

-You may need publicity materials or you may want to sell your book, your CD or some other product.

As you can see, there are a lot of questions that you will need answered. And, while you may think that what happens while you are delivering your speech or presentation is the ‘pièce de résistance,’ what you do before you open your mouth to speak can have an incredible impact on what happens after you open your mouth. Your success on stage, at the sales conference, in the boardroom, or on the podium is dependent on how well you do your homework; therefore, you need to arm yourself with answers before you arrive at the wrong hotel, or in the wrong city, or on the wrong day, or in front of the wrong crowd.

In my next article, I will discuss the questions you need answered before you even put pen to paper or hand to keyboard.

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Do Your Homework BEFORE Opening Your Mouth to Speak - Part 1
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