Germany, Celebrating The Horse Brand Tire Area 600 Authorized Retail Stores Opened – Germany, Horse

The world’s leading Tire German horse brand tire manufacturers in the May 20 was held in Ningbo in China authorized by section 600 retail stores ceremony. The store is located in the heart of Ningbo Bridge road transport hub, is a horse tire brand in Ningbo city opened the first brand shop. Kerui Bo, general manager of the German brand tires, Mr. Ma offered his congratulations in person.

“As Europe’s largest supplier of tire first wife, the German horse brand tires as early as the 80s had imported Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc. Car Enter the Chinese market. We are authorized retailers set up in Ningbo, Ningbo, will facilitate the owners are world-class high quality products and professional services, “the German horse tire brand marketing director for China, Mr. Zhu Kunyong said,” Since 2008, we opened a store a day’s speed to open up our retail network, Ningbo strong auto market after spending power will provide us with opportunities. “

“In the past few years, with the rapid growth of auto consumption and consumption of hearts of the more mature customer, consumer spending in the automobile market more rational. At present, large-scale chain tire brand has become mainstream, more and more Select brand stores and more consumers access to more professional techniques and services. “German horse brand tire Sell Director Mr. Jin Zhiqin said, “We believe that the country will help horse brand tire retail stores to improve their service levels, while from the market for more high-end customer base.” This investment Fang Ningbo Soars Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., engaged in Tyres Wholesale and retail business 10 years, also involves the supply of automotive products, fast repair service and other fields.

“We can Ningbo retailers and consumers a full range of tire products, and the German horse brand tires in the Chinese market has been working to implement value-added business Marketing Strategy. Especially when many owners postponed or even canceled transfer program, by using the horse brand tires use the latest technology, high-performance products that can help vehicle owners to greatly enhance the safety and comfort to enhance customer satisfaction and retain customers, enhance the retail business competitiveness. “Zhu added.

German horse brand is the world’s first wife tire market leader in Europe every three new cars have a factory installed horse brand tires. Customers include BMW, Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, Land Rover, etc.. As the field of high-end name brand tires, tire horse license authorized retailers entered the market in Ningbo also shows its confidence in the retail market in the region. With its development in the Chinese market, more consumers can enjoy high-quality products and services.

On Continental

Continental AG is a leading global supplier of automotive parts, its 2008 sales of 240 million euros. Group’s business covers the common car and commercial vehicle tires, brake systems, powertrain and chassis, sensor systems, vehicle communication systems, automotive Electronic Systems and industrial rubber, is committed to enhancing driving safety and global Environmental protection . Continental is also the auto parts supply and an important member of R & D network. Currently, Continental AG has approximately 133,000 employees worldwide in 35 countries, nearly 190 area.

Tires Continental AG is the market leader in Europe, Europe for more than 30 percent of all new car assembly factory in Germany horse brand tires. Continental AG tire division is the 2010 World Cup in South Africa’s official sponsor.

On the Continental brand tire

Continental brand tires was founded in 1871, has now become the world’s high-quality and advanced tire technology, tire synonymous. Continental brand tire tire has 130 years of production experience, is Europe’s second largest and the fourth largest tire manufacturer.

Continental brand passenger car tire tire is supporting the European market leader in the business. Malaysia to implement multi-brand strategy brand tires, respectively, have for high, medium, and low-end market, the German horse cards (Continental), Baolong (Barum), and Sammy

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Germany, Celebrating The Horse Brand Tire Area 600 Authorized Retail Stores Opened - Germany, Horse
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