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By convention, the annual household appliances manufacturers competing in the second half is the new release period, in addition to the technical content more similar products, the They also seize the new market as the market Published
The key factor. But this year (2005) the situation seems different, household appliances manufacturers in 2006 because of new listing
States United States
Huaqiang shop again
Opened have been very quiet.

Reporter recently participated in a well-known home appliance
New conference was informed that in 2006, the brand will stay the pace of new listing in 2006, most of the new listing will be postponed to early December. When asked the reason, the brand manufacturers official said the move aims to take the country store in December the United States re-Huaqiang Zhang potential to promote new and better able to promote. After the conference, then a telephone interview with reporters Panasonic, Sanyo,
And a number of major appliance manufacturers in Shenzhen head, the answer is almost the same.

Reporter learned that the country store is a country the United States Huaqiang Shenzhen market in the United States entered the first store, is also a country the United States vigorously forged
Flagship store
One. Huaqiang business district is located in the center of the store’s prime location, within 100 meters face Wing-lok, Shun electricity competitors. Since 2002 the country since the U.S. entered the Shenzhen market, the store has been stirring up the country the United States
The beam. November 30, 2002, the National US Huaqiang a shop opening day of the single-day sales of more than 1000 million of the amazing performance, hot sales of consumer electronics market in Shenzhen, the scene caused a great sensation; in 2004 created one of the stores they shop in annual sales amount of more than six million “myth.”

Shenzhen Gome relevant person in charge told reporters that U.S. sales records in the country with more than 400 stores nationwide and even the whole home appliance industry are very rare. Some appliance manufacturers are also responsible to disclose to reporters, Shenzhen, China the United States holds an important position in the country, while the Shenzhen Huaqiang a shop in the whole country the status of the United States is most important, can it be good or bad with a lot of sales of sales of home appliances brand directly linked, so the weight of GOME Huaqiang Zhang a shop, and the National United States has always had good relations of cooperation between the major suppliers will hesitate to seize opportunities, opportunity to rally.

Shenzhen relevant person in charge said Gome, Gome stores Huaqiang a closure from November 1, nearly a month since the renovation, expected early in December to meet again with the consumers, the current renovation and brands are the introduction of work at top speed going. The responsible person said, 2005 is the country America’s expansion, the country America’s goal is to complete the national level, the market layout, and in the domestic market by opening 330 stores, beginning date, the countries the U.S. has been the national market, out of 220 chain stores which only opened in Shenzhen on 15 by the State during the year the United States but also in many stores across the country, out to complete the rapid expansion of trade hegemony “ambition.”

It is understood that, with the expansion of targets close to the strategic objectives of the country the United States began to shift to consumer-centric store services, improve store service quality, improve the shopping environment as the country store of beauty
Center of gravity. To do this, Gome swear Huaqiang a store from the start, spend huge amounts of money to create a more professional, more upscale and large home appliances
. Gome said relevant, Shenzhen, China and the United States vested with the inherent status of the industry to promote each of its first initiatives is to make the industry can not be ignored, the re-Huaqiang Zhang is a shop in a generous country the United States, States United States Many underwriting customized New models postponed Huaqiang Zhang when a shop re-listed, many manufacturers have chosen new Huaqiang a shop in the States United States re-take the lead, and consumers to meet Zhang. The person in charge, said confidently, with the country’s industry, geographic United States and good, well prepared and strong strength, weight GOME Huaqiang Zhang will lead to a shop as much as when Chang hit the store early.

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