Home Appliance Chain’s Flagship Store: The Wrong Development Path


Home appliance chain

Enterprise level, the basic layout of the city began after the completion of a new satellite launches campaign, which is greater in large cities to find a place to open a giant store, want to dress up its image as the industry’s dinosaurs. The recent large chain giant

Flagship store

Standard argument has been disclosed by the chain put a satellite


. This put the satellite plan is alarming, because it marks the chain, after extensive expansion, the chain has an extensive toward the other direction suddenly ran away.

Chain is placed in front of the surface of the work of the two first cities in the shop has been a success, the next step is how to business problems, and second, to three, four market to fast shop problem. Flagship store there is how to run the city, a reflection of stores. I believe that the standard appearance of a conflict flagship store state optimization and only


A bud. And specific actions built more like a shop-style arms race put satellites, the store made increasingly large, which is typical


Impulse-led business plan, together with comparisons of the psychological, this trend is expected to wind getting up.

We have seen, the flagship store is circulating in the Chinese home appliance chain enterprises in a big city in the basic layout of the end of chain appears. In fact, the current layout of the city’s store layout is not final, it will with the development of urban development patterns will shape the lives of consumers as the city is changed, the same as the flagship store to the direction of development of large chain enterprises homogeneous competition now reflects a breakthrough in instinct. However, large-scale consumers can store large, good


Image? It is impossible to support the chain is the core element of corporate brand chain for the consumer and the upper reaches of the unique value provided by the manufacturer, this unique value chain produces a unique brand image foundation, rather than on large stores.

Chain retailers, there is still a value of social existence, that is to provide value to customers, provide value to manufacturers, store and transport value is to produce a part but not all, want the city to create differentiated engaged in several large competitive advantage rely on the so-called flagship store of ideas is very naive, chain competitive advantage to be different from the entire chain system differ flagship store can not bear the historical burden of competitiveness.

Chain, the key is to create unique value on its own ability to lock the consumer, and then turn around and then manufacturers with live, what the consumer to lock it, I believe that chain to the consumers of the value has the following components: to facilitate the buying process and time is short, this one


Including products from businesses to consumers at home in the smooth flow of products to provide the same long enough for consumers to fully select the brand group, this portal-style choices available is important business to provide value to consumers, the difference with other opponents of the low prices of several key factors. Chain to provide value to manufacturers, including, from factory to consumer home


Assurance system


Efficiency, found that the ability of effective demand.

Clearly consumers and manufacturers of these form part of the value of not only the flagship store on the entire form, it is a systematic project, the Chinese chain is precisely in these areas in the microscopic differences between these systems.

Flagship store is nothing but an example or model shop, but now the flagship store of all businesses in the retail space with large words, it is wrong, a city in China’s diversification of emerging trends in business, therefore it should be even more home appliance chain in a city with good in their own integrated network layout, rather than a single large store role. In a certain period of time, in a market the brand to do a product number is certain, these brands to be launched in the first display of products in the store is relatively certain, so that the entire chain of channels for display of product line number is relatively fixed, more than this figure shows the excess should be to simply open a large area, but did not show more support sales of OTC products is a waste of resources, so that a large area of OTC business is not an end , only to play with big stores also play with no competitive edge.

Therefore, businesses in the city go single huge building


From a commercial


It is not necessary. Because every city is different, every city in the different regions of the consumer the difference is there, so chain store layout should be in accordance with local, local consumer demand and spending power to reduce or extend the Show product line, which is a land line, such an approach can reduce the extent OTC big waste of resources.

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