How to Successfully Conduct a Dollar Store Walkthrough

Many books and programs have been created about how to start a dollar store. Yet often they fail to provide detailed information about what to do after the business is open and operating. For example, while the high volume of sales is mentioned, there is little said about the need for replenishment orders right after the grand opening. As a result more than one store owner has found themselves faced with bare shelves and weeks of waiting while the next orders are created, communicated, processed, pulled and palletized, and finally shipped. Then there is the wait as merchandise winds its way from the supplier to your store. Another critical aspect of the business is maintaining and even growing sales. One of the critical aspects associated with this is maintaining the good appearance and welcoming environment that bring shoppers back time and again.

Those who know how to start a dollar store recognize there is a need to continually maintain their store throughout the day. With the huge number of people coming and going as well as the volume of sales, a dollar store soon appears in disarray. The solution is easy. Implement a store walk-through process for your business. These walk-through efforts only take 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of your store. They provide a great opportunity to not only put your store back in just-opened condition, but also to say hello to shoppers and to provide help to those who request it.

* Start your walk-through at either end of the store.

* Be sure to collect all items left unsold at the checkout area. Return them to their proper location.

* It is important to have a sweeper or broom with you during every store walk-through. If you spot any soiled or dirty places on the floor, simply stop and sweep them clean.

* Collect merchandise from spilled and broken packages. Dollar store merchandise that is on the floor should be properly replaced.

* Expect most aisles to require your attention. There will be dirty spots and dollar store merchandise on the floor.

* Stay in each aisle until the work is done. It should look as if you just opened for the day.

* You can expect to find dollar store merchandise that belongs in other departments as you work your way through the store. Place those items into your basket or cart for placement when you arrive at the correct location.

The time required to complete a thorough store walk-through will vary. Store size, traffic level, the quality of previous walk-through efforts, work done to maintain the store’s cleanliness by those who are stocking shelves, and many other factors all contribute. Yet as you learn how to start a dollar store you will grow to appreciate the importance a store walk-through can have to the success of your business.

To your success as you discover how to start a dollar store!

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How to Successfully Conduct a Dollar Store Walkthrough
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