Minimum 399! 700 Per The Following Stores Big Cooker (photos)

New Year approached, many of my friends are thinking about a home

Home Appliances Replacement, as Cooker , Microwave oven, gas stove, water heater must have both of these new bar to change channels. Many businesses have seen clearly the New Year brings opportunities, not to the New Year have launched a variety of discounts on activities, it is understood Beijing

States United States Madian Eagle shop is currently giving a series of Chinese New Year red envelopes big event?? Single product to buy at least 1000 to send 300 packets, sent 900 yuan over 3000 and so on, like the boss, Shuaikang, Vantage,

Germany and Italy Other range hood, cooker brand have carried straight down and bargains, low as Wu Zhe! Among them, the stove needs only 399 yuan a minimum, the United States of a

Disinfection cabinet Only 599 yuan. End, Xiao Bian visited the country specifically the United States Eagle store, carefully collected a large number of brand-name electric kitchen (range hood, gas stove, water heater, disinfecting cabinet, electric stove, microwave ovens, etc.) market information, and consult an experienced field The Purchasing Guide – How to choose the most appropriate power their kitchen, interested friends, please pay attention to our home network HC

“New Year kitchen electrical, GO! Purchase! Purchase! Buy!”

Shopping guide feature. . Madian Eagle Country America: accumulated over 16,000 to send 32-inch

LCD TV HC Quotes News Eye: U.S. Eagle store in the country are engaged in activities, in 1000 yuan the following special brand of gas cooker in the kitchen electricity mainly Vantage minimum only 399 yuan, the United States, and

Cherry , Haier, Akai, and several other brands. Basically, the majority of desktop gas stoves, gas embedded with generally about 699 yuan.

Shopping guide -the-spot introduction, mainly to see purchase gas stove gas stove in the fire, energy saving, environmental protection, washable convenience and appearance, price, brand that several factors. First firepower can refer to the scene described, thermal efficiency, heat flow indicators, the state provides: Desktop with a thermal efficiency of domestic gas should be more than 55%, embedded with a thermal efficiency of domestic gas should be greater than 50%. 2 and 2 above must have a kitchen gas stove eye of the heat load 3.5kW and standard state by 0 to 15 , fire control parts of the burner should use the material temperature greater than 700 . Environmental protection can be seen mainly carbon monoxide CO emissions, national standard is 0.05%. (See purchasing power of other kitchen??

Appliance Marketplace Shopping guide teach you how to choose kitchen electric

 ) Price: After visits to find in the kitchen electric appliance store brands can all be discounted, if it is smoke, gas stoves, disinfecting cabinet three-piece set of purchase, then discount will be greater. Like a boss, party too much about the minimum that can reach 8-fold, side too, the boss of these brands of high-end model of a roughly around 12,000 yuan. Single items like Haier straight down none other is the price tag price of over a hundred dollars. Interested friends can continue to monitor the recent article.

The following to you about the gas stove to the top of several parameters on the index.

Each of these parameters can be gas stove in the “birth certificate” can find

I am an expert from China Quality Lighting, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as rope light sculpture , rope light sculptures.

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Minimum 399! 700 Per The Following Stores Big Cooker (photos)
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