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2006 summer, a burst strength of the “North American storm” swept in, NAC North Wind Leisure Wear Brand officially enter the Chinese clothing market. With the rapid opening up regional markets and expand brand awareness, China top the North American style casual wear NAC efficient and fast development, “the North American storm” intensified. Currently, NAC Air National brand in North America has risen to 350 stores, all over the country 20 provinces (cities, districts).

The past two years, NAC on the North American wind business model innovation and breakthroughs in a steady, fast growth, while the number of brand stores, through the adoption of various channels, continuously improve the brand of measures the overall quality of the terminal stores.

First of all, the brand of hardware fitting end shops, goods display and application of NAC North American Wind increasingly complete unified brand identity. Brand of wholly owned stores and some good stores as a reference standard, communication between stores in different regions to learn, quite common in North America since the wind characteristics shape the unity of beautiful, high quality image of the terminal shops.

Second, the company continued to increase efforts to support a franchise terminal through targeted training activities to carry out a variety of franchise business practitioners to enhance the level of professional services and marketing, management, training as a professional, strong in North America Wind terminal shop marketing, management elite, from staffing to improve the quality of the quality of the terminal stores. At the same time, vigorously promote the brand franchise management, publicity and event planning site guidance and support, send professional supervision, planning personnel management for the company’s brand franchise to provide on-site guidance and help. And local conditions for the franchisee to develop a series of targeted publicity, promotional strategies and effective sales program.

In addition, the overall amount of wind in the NAC North America based on the growing size of its terminal franchise gradually expanded the scale of a single shop, the overall level of brand store more on a level. From the Central Plains regional market, the last year, the largest store for the area of 90 square meters, this year it jumped a large number of 100,130,150,260 square meters of shop. Some brand stores gradually from the second category open to the A class business district location, from large supermarkets open to ABBA, and Anderson, big business and some other well-known chain stores. Recently launched the “North Wind Direct development strategy”, has opened an area of several hundred square meters, outlets, and important business in the local loop or the main commercial street, take casual wear market, strong competitive advantage.

These policy measures by the full and effective implementation, as well as all franchisees and joint efforts of all employees in North America wind, compared with the early market, NAC casual wear brand in North America air terminal across the store has to Promoting quality. We believe that with North American style casual wear market, mature, NAC store the image of the North American air terminal will be more systematic, standardized, specialized, quality of!

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Nac North American Wind-quality Casual Wear Store Terminal Rising - Casual Clothes, Stores -
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