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Home Appliances Marketplace : New Year’s Day
Sell Quadrupled “XI” has little slack after the sale of home appliances stores last until the 2006 opener. Yesterday

(January 3, 2006) from the capital’s major home appliance store was informed that New Year’s Day three days of sales greatly increased 3 times more than usual, including medium and large electrical appliances and even set a New Year’s day sold an average of 0.2 seconds electrical parts sales record.

“Please buy a TV here Jiaoqian”, “restaurant has
Mobile Opened the cash register counter product, please phone the customer to purchase the designated checkout payment “,” To reduce our queue waiting time, customer spending on each floor, please try to checkout the level payment “… … on New Year’s day, reporters in three different appliance stores to see the same hot scenes. According to preliminary estimates by field reporters, only cell phones and

TV Area of traffic on the two sales accounted for almost half of traffic around the store.

“Dazhong Electronics New Year’s Day three days of sales, sales of close to normal for 20 days, New Year’s day or even every 0.2045 seconds to create an electronic appliance sold an average of 5176.77 yuan per second achieved record sales. “Yesterday, medium and large electrical appliances, general manager of the North China Branch Jiayao Yong told reporters, the New Year period, medium and large electrical appliances shop in Beijing sold a total of 60 electrical 193,665, achieved 205 million yuan in sales.

And States United States Appliance stores the data provided reflects the New Year period the overall sales of capital goods market trend. According to general manager of Gome Beijing Branch Zhaobao Min introduction, the country’s 33 U.S. stores in Beijing, the total sales soared by 324% than usual. In addition, from

Suning Electric statistics also show that 3-day New Year’s Day sales increased by 3 times than usual.

Several stores in the interview with reporter learned that the New Year sales of the top places during the main TV. The United States from the country to provide the data show that during the New Year, the most popular flat-panel TV sales, compared to last year increased by 5 times, 36% of total sales; the market to play the main protagonist is 37-inch

Liquid crystal And 42-inch plasma, the two products, U.S. sales of color TV sets occupy the country more than 80% of total sales.

“New Year’s Day has always been a color TV sales during the small peak, but flat-panel TV sales boost this year’s New Year’s Day is the main reason for lower prices.” Suning relevant responsible person, has just opened in 2006, almost all of the mainstream market, the average flat-panel TV 30% price reduction.

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