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States United States
To 3.65 billion yuan in the hands of panic buying at high prices from large and medium Suning, once again underlines the
Huang Guangyu
And his team of courage. More and more people both inside and outside the industry started to pay attention Suning future prospects in the Beijing market. Last week, Suning
Fan Zhijun, Executive President of North China and stated publicly, “Gome acquired Dazhong, and Suning is a good thing.” He said the incident would not affect the acquisition of Su Ning of the established strategy, this year, Suning to open stores in Beijing, the growth rate will exceed 50%, at least to open 20 new stores.

Speed up the shop to respond to competitive

“We always shop at the beginning of the future.” Fan Zhijun, laughing, the company’s development planning has been done in 2010, “Su Ning in Beijing in 2008 to open 20 stores, up 60. 8 billion in annual sales element, to win half the market share in Beijing. “appears in the Fan Zhijun,” exit the acquisition of the 3.0 billion funds under saving Suning, Suning expansion so no worries of money. “

Home Appliances
Also worry about the old medium and large manufacturers have not settled payment for goods, the Suning 2 “10,000 m big shop” has been quietly renovated to ensure that open before the Spring Festival. The two are located in West Bridge Liujiayao and ternary large stores, were positioned as a next-generation flagship store Suning.

Signed in December last year, Zhongguancun, Daxing, Yizhuang three flagship store opened after the Spring Festival is ranked. With last week signed two new properties, the 2008 plan of 20 stores in the shop, Fan Zhijun before New Year’s Day almost 40% ahead of schedule.

“Beijing appliance market capacity of about 18 billion -200 billion, according to Beijing Suning stores in 2007, sales of 5 billion yuan of 40 dollars, Suning Beijing 2008 sales will reach 8.0 billion.” Zhi
Army List

Gome acquired Dazhong is a good thing

The current “Soviet hegemony” of the pattern, Fan Zhijun’s point of view is beneficial to the development of the industry, “used to be three suppliers to share resources, resources are now concentrated.” Apparently unconscious in the Fan Zhijun Gome acquired Dazhong defined as “1 +1

Number of advantages of country stores made the United States, may be more price advantage. However, dilating in time for the settlement of the “Boss of” pending payment is the real impact of U.S. manufacturers in the future of the country to support efforts to do.

Take into account the amount of GOME acquisition phases, dilating the settlement with the manufacturers is definitely not a simple task. Loan not being paid, manufacturers obviously difficult to have a good support for the enterprise.

States United States, large and medium degree of coincidence Beijing store up to 60%, while heart disease is another major manufacturer. Beijing nearly 160 home appliance chain stores, manufacturers enter the Beijing market, not sell the first 160 prototype face depreciation. In the current state of the United States, medium and large stores a high degree of coincidence of the business district, the manufacturers are willing installed for prototype can still questionable.

Determine success or failure of management theory

Since entering the Beijing market, Fan Zhijun has been less than the number of competitors to seize market outlets, rely on the advanced management idea. Appears in the Fan Zhijun, medium and large and Suning the victory of defeat, the business leaders to define the nature of the beginning of the home appliance chain had ceded.

“Suning founded, recognized home appliance chain is a high
Area. The industry is technology intensive, capital intensive, manpower intensive industry. “Fan Zhijun example, technology-intensive, for example, Suning
System with many Fortune 500 information systems are the same heavyweight. In the sales cycle, a single store selling out in 20 seconds can be sent to
, Installation, after-sale a number of links. Over the past year, not only the efficiency is improved greatly save paper costs alone reached 100 million yuan.

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Philosophy Determine Success Or Failure Suning To Open 20 New Stores In Beijing - Suning, Gome,
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