Reduce Home Electricity Bills by Opening and Closing Windows

Many home owners are considering to install a residential solar power system because they want to reduce their monthly power consumption. A typical home solar array system will cost upwards of $ 20,000 or more. Most of the budget will go into the solar modules and labor costs.

Before you commit yourself to such a large capital investment, why not consider some simple steps you can take to reduce you home energy usage.

Have you consider using the windows more often? The windows in a house are a natural way to regulate the temperature at home. By strategically opening and closing windows, you will adjust the interior temperature to a comfortable level therefore reducing the need for mechanical air conditioning.

Here are a couple of tips you can use with your windows at home:

1) For best effect with the openings, try using blinds and window coverings in conjunction with opening and closing windows.

2) If you want to cool down a room, open windows that are not facing the direct sunlight.

3) If you live in a multi stories house, opening the windows on different floors can increase the flow of breeze through the living rooms. Conduct your own experiment to get the best results.

4) During winter time, open all blinds that are exposed to the sun. You don’t want the sun ray to be blocked because solar radiation is great to warm up a room.

You can close the blinds when the outside is cold and dark in order to insulate the window as much as possible.

5) Make use of blinds and drapes. Open them when you want sun light to come into a room. When the air conditioning is running, close them to reduce solar radiation.

6) During summer time, try opening windows at both opposite end of a room. The air in the room will circulate faster therefore giving you a more comfortable setting.

Will Yap writes about DIY Solar Homes at http://www.diysolarhomes.com If you want to know how to use solar power for your home, check out the Earth 4 Energy e-book. The manual will show you how to make your own solar panel with inexpensive parts. For more information, read the Earth4Energy review at the web site

Reduce Home Electricity Bills by Opening and Closing Windows
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