Sandvik Coromant Training Center In South China To Bring “customer Open Day” Grand Opening

May 30, 2008, in Guangzhou, South China Sandvik Coromant training center grand opening, customers will be held the next day Open Day. This is the world’s first mold after application center located in Shanghai, Sandvik Coromant is another major move in China, tailored solutions, systems technology and application training tool deep into the production end customer technical support and expand the cooperation model with the customer at the same time, will improve the application of domestic users for the tool level. It also fully reflects the Sandvik Coromant “Focus on the success of our customers” business philosophy. The training center opened in South China, caused in no small industry response, the Guangdong Mould Industry Association vice chairman and secretary general Mr. Li Lici, Sandvik Coromant Greater China General Manager Mr. Li Yishan, and corporate management, many Domestic users representatives, the media attended the opening ceremony. During the meeting, Li Li gave the opening ceremony of the Secretary-General, and Sandvik Coromant and customers through a direct, effective communication, to maintain in-depth cooperation in the operation mode Zan Xu Youjia. In addition, from Guangxi Yuchai Co., Ltd. (construction machinery, heavy-duty truck engines), Guangdong America Manufacturing Technology Forging Co., Ltd. (construction machinery, aviation industry) representatives from the business point of view and medium-sized customers with the Sandvik share Coromant’s cooperation experiences and feelings.
Sandvik Coromant, according to the person in charge of the training center to South China through the system, professional training, the tools used to improve the level of domestic clients, reducing the abnormal loss tool to reduce the rejection rate workpiece. Improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs, so as to enhance China’s manufacturing partners in domestic and international markets overall competitiveness. To this end, the training center will provide continuous, systematic knowledge of the tool, tool applications and technology solutions for training.
On the training curriculum can be divided into four levels: basic tool knowledge and training of senior Tool application training, industry typical machining process and tool training for new planning tools with knife training. In addition, the center of the motor vehicles manufacturing, engineering machinery, mold manufacturing, small parts machining and processing of different types of multi-task, with a typical workpiece tool and display area, where customers can readily understand that the tool cutting tool products and cutting-edge information to learn and master the latest global technology and tooling application solutions. It can be said, a never ending development of a small tool to waiting customers to visit southern China.
General Manager of Sandvik Coromant Greater China, said Yi-Shan Lee, “With this completion of training center in South China, at present, Sandvik Coromant Greater China in Shanghai, the efficiency of the center and mold Application Center, located in Tianjin and Guangzhou The training center has become the center for three major industrial linkage effects, they will provide the appropriate customer demand solutions, technical support and technical training. In addition, in the near future, the rest of the country’s major sales regions will also born at least three training center or Efficiency Center. It can be bold prediction, since then the country can easily and quickly customers will enjoy our professional services. “
At present, the tool industry, market competition is intensifying. Because of this, standing in the customer perspective issue, in-depth customer service, adhere to the value of business to provide customers with a good brand experience, but long before the concept of adhering to this value in the brand rooted in the hearts of customers. The Sandvik Coromant South training center opened, it has once again demonstrated its brand promise to customers?? Focus on your success.

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Sandvik Coromant Training Center In South China To Bring "customer Open Day" Grand Opening
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