Shenzhen: Suning Appliance Tianli Central Store Opened Aug. 25 – Suning, Home Appliances Chain, Gome

, Suning day will benefit the Central Square flagship store grand opening, a powerful brand portfolio, the fourth generation of large scale 3C + flagship store will beautifully. 12,000 square meters of business area, 10 billion preferential goods, 20,000,000 yuan surprise gift … … blockbuster consumer electronics market, while the Shenzhen detonated, Suning Appliance Central Square will also take a new attitude, magnificent entrance hall appearance, warm to open at pleasant shopping environment.

According to reports, the Central Square Tin Lee uses the latest fourth generation of 3C + flagship store features and positioning, and a large number of products to introduce the latest international exhibition, experience design through the Office of the audience. Super close contact with cutting-edge computer technology, field experience home theater in shock, the world’s newest digital fashionable, the largest LCD TV, the latest of the open refrigerator, consumers can enjoy this one stop shopping for home appliances shopping experience.

Learned that Su Ning Tianli shop opened in the period, 18 Suning stores in town will be linked to market, manufacturers will be opened specially for the model during the event the absolute protagonist of various home appliances category, many high-end products will also be open during Hui-selling debut.

In the domestic first-line brands, nearly all hang down Air National Taiwan University 1P 1,800 yuan less. 1P hook such as the U.S., and Geli, Chi College dropped to 1,500 yuan less. Wash fine ice during the ex-gratia will be at the opening attack, a brand-name refrigerators priced at just 688 per 110 liters, brand-name stainless steel washing machine 4.5KG a cost just 788 yuan, a brand-name washing machines drying drum is dropped to 3,999 yuan.

As Shenzhen’s biggest business center of information appliances, information appliances naturally the highlight of the opening. Responsible person, according to Su Ning, the computers and other types of digital products will give consumers oversized surprises. Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, HP, IBM, TCL, Haier, etc. opening help out at home and abroad to join the ranks of giants, during the opening of “dual-core +1 G +100 G hard drive memory” notebook sale, opening of 3999 yuan, brand-name LCD computer cost just 2199 yuan, and more dual-core notebook brand models only 3,998 yuan.

Addition, Suning also joined hands with the manufacturers of more than 5,000 units Suning Te custom opening ceremony for the price of models, so that consumers spend only three or four thousand dollars can have the mainstream brand of computer configuration. By then, the audience share of 50 would send 521M front of the computer flash memory card and software Panasonic spree, purchasing over 2888 yuan Taiwan machine send high-definition camera, over 5888 yuan would send the value of 988 yuan for brand-name wireless network card or a photo printer, over 3888 dollars to send senior headset + Philip electric shaver.

During early preparations for the opening, Su Ning, Shenzhen, the co-operation with Philips, a large number of Central Purchasing, such as razors, juicer, home cinema, vacuum cleaners and other practical gifts electrical appliances, specifically for the opening of full capacity gift-giving special activities, which will be the first time in the history of Shenzhen, home appliances using a full range of Philips as a gift boutique electrical generous promotions.

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Shenzhen: Suning Appliance Tianli Central Store Opened Aug. 25 - Suning, Home Appliances Chain, Gome
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