Success is all About the Dollar Store Merchandise Cycle

Those starting a dollar store know one of the most important tasks to be handled involves the merchandise in their soon to open store. They know failing to take the right actions in the right order can place their planned store opening in jeopardy. After all, if there is nothing on display for shoppers to purchase, not only will there be lost sales, but likely there will be lost customers. But what are the right actions to take? In this article I present the merchandise cycle. Use it when opening your store and continue to use it into the future.

Action #1) Dollar store suppliers – selection

Before starting a dollar store it is important to locate, investigate and then register with the best dollar store suppliers you locate. You will need two or three general merchandise suppliers in most cases. Also investigate specialty suppliers for party goods, greeting cards, jewelry, candles, and other specialty items.

Action #2) Merchandise – Product selection

Request catalogs or locate websites from your dollar store suppliers. Then begin assembling your list of the perfect items. Start with the core items that are essential to your shoppers. Include a good assortment of these items on your list. Then move on to fill in each department with other hot sellers. Don’t forget to add fast sellers like impulse items as well.

Action #3) Merchandise – Product ordering

Use your list from action #2 to begin actually creating product orders. Include higher quantities of the most popular merchandise. Order merchandise in plenty of time to guarantee arrival in time to receive, inspect and place the items on display before opening.

Action #4) Freight – Receiving

Be sure you are prepared for the influx of merchandise for your first orders. After all, properly filling a new store takes a great deal of merchandise. Don’t put your grand opening in jeopardy because of unexpected delays. Track shipments to guarantee they are on-track to arrive as scheduled. Address any problems with freight haulers immediately.

Action #5) Merchandise – Stock work and Display

If all is progressing to your plan, all space preparation projects are complete and fixtures have been assembled before merchandise starts rolling in. This allows you to focus all effort on receiving and inspecting incoming merchandise. When starting a dollar store it is important to remember as merchandise is received you should start placing it on display in the proper location.

To your success when starting a dollar store!

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Success is all About the Dollar Store Merchandise Cycle
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