The Amazing AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 Sold By WV Writing Services Mega Store

The AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 sold at WV Writing Services Mega Store is specifically made to bring to you High Definition (HD) entertainment which gives you a larger than life experience. It goes well with both analog and High Definition TV’s. This product sold at WV Writing Services Mega Store is made available through a technology called over the air or unencrypted Clear QAM. The AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 tuner is excellent in converting a LCD monitor or multimedia projector into a brilliant multimedia entertainment hub.

With its High Definition input and output devices, users can easily connect multiple entertainment devices such as Blu-ray disc players, High Definition Camcorders and game consoles such as the XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii. This device enables the video to be played in 1080 pixels. It gives a new face to multimedia entertainment and is available at WV Writing Services Mega Store for a fraction of the cost you’ll find in the retail stores. These unique features and diverse functions make the AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 an excellent multimedia provider to corporate as well as home classrooms.

The transparent Picture-In-Picture (PIP) function is one of the unique features of the AVERTV Hybrid Box 11. It enables the users to watch High Definition Television simultaneously with working on their Personal Computers. This will not interrupt either their work or leisure. Users also can select the size of the Picture in Picture image in accordance with the LCD monitor or projector.

The AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 sold at WV Writing Services Mega Store comes with a parental control system and a number of other user friendly features. It will also support Digital Visual Interface (DVI) up to 1920 x 1200 and also support Video Graphics Array (VGA) with resolution up to 1280 x 1024.

The AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 brings all your multimedia entertainment needs to a single location. The great features and latest technological capabilities, users can enjoy an enhanced High Definition entertainment.

Welcome to the new generation digital entertainment experience. The AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 comes with a remote control with batteries, Power Adapter, DVI cable, Audio cable, DVI to VGA adapters, S-Video cables, a descriptive e manual and a warranty card.

Finding this amazing product is not hard if you stop on by WV Writing Services Mega Store. They have this product and 1 million more at up to 90% off retail cost. To find this and other HDTV products stop by WV Writing Services mega Store now.

WV Writing Services Mega Store specializes in one million affordable products at a savings of up to 90% off retail prices. All of our products at WV Writing Services Mega Store are amongst the best on the market and this new AVERTV Hybrid Box 11 is no exception.

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