Tiananmen Square Will Be Temporarily Closed The Opening Day – The Opening Ceremony, Tiananmen Square

Watching Olympic games, home video camera, camera, Telescope Can into the arena, but Fencing And other events, restrict the use of camera flash. Beijing Traffic, Beijing Municipal Committee, the Beijing Public Security Bureau Public Security Corps and the Special Police Corps, head of the four guest at Beijing Television said the message. It is understood, to prepare for rain, the venue seats are equipped with raincoats.

Wang Li, deputy director of the Beijing Traffic, said on the 8th holiday, on the one hand the public enjoy watching the opening ceremony, the other organizations in order to reduce traffic pressure on the same day 10 people are expected to nest together, the public is advised to reduce travel.

Beijing Public Security Bureau Public Security Corps deputy force commander, said Tang Yun, the opening ceremony of fireworks in urban areas will present “a line one side of a point” layout, a line or axis, from the Yongding Gate to National Stadium with 26 discharge point; a surface that is the National Stadium site; a point that the Great Wall in Changping, in addition, Tiananmen Square, Shichahai discharge effects and other areas will also be fireworks. Tang Yun force recommendations, the best view of fireworks is TV, not live. Discharge point in the axis 26, the opening of the opening, fireworks lit the discharge duration does not exceed one minute. The television to see the effect of multi-point linkage of the aerial photography.

Li Jianguo, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Committee of tips, the opening day of the opening ceremony to open a number of bus lanes, but not race the bus when the bus, passengers should note that distinction. As the evening fireworks in Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen Square will be temporarily closed the same day, Tang Yun force recommendations, the best day of visitors to Tiananmen Square to give up travel, watch program.

Links point of the opening ceremony fireworks
1, Yongdingmen South 2, Yongding Gate North 3, Yongding Gate Plaza, north of the center of a small garden

4, Yongding Gate Plaza north of the northernmost
5, bridge east of middle of the street Square Garden Theatre
6, Temple of the Office of the west side of the street curb platform
7, Qianmen East exit lane near the ground fish
8, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in the southeast corner of the open space
9, Zhengyangmen center space and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
10, the People’s Heroes Monument and the National center of space flag
11, East Gate Cultural Palace of working people within the space
12, Palace square in front of the north gate Shenwu Men
13, side door guard hospital flag
14, Di’anmen Avenue Road West Lawn
15, before the sea in front of the open space east of fire temples
16, Bell Tower and Drum Tower parking lot between
17, North Second Ring Road City Park, open space
18, Drum Tower Street, east side, “Worker’s Daily” community backyard lawn
19, Drum Tower Street, east side of Tai Chi Chinese Green Building
20, Drum Tower Street, Hua Rong Guesthouse Next to the road
21, China’s space science and technology museum
22, Beijing People’s Police College playground
23, Tucheng Park north gate open space
24, North Star Road east of clean Vehicle Four plant
25, Olympic Sports Center West Gate Viaduct
26, Olympic Centre Football Field south of the open space

27, the Great Wall Plaza

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Tiananmen Square Will Be Temporarily Closed The Opening Day - The Opening Ceremony, Tiananmen Square
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