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New Year before the arrival of, a deep sense of smell has filled in the consumer electronics market. Two weeks before the holiday as New Year peak selling home appliances, has always been the “three high” characteristics, that is, the budget increased consumer buying appliances, buy to achieve a relatively high rate, the higher the value of a single product. To seize this great opportunity, major appliance stores have employed every means. Beijing Gome stores in 51 Chinese New Year started on an unprecedented scale none other activities, none other range of more than 100 million yuan, 10,000 kinds of goods involved in the whole category. Suning is back in early December last year, on New Year Spring Festival market has dished out to the major manufacturers billions of dollars of ordered large orders, which total purchases for the Spring Festival market, 20 billion, and launching the “Chinese New Year stocking procurement month “promotions. At the same time, medium and large electrical appliances are timely started drawing, gift, loyalty and other circulation promotions.

Data showed that 2006 sales of home appliances market share, nearly 10% is completed during the Spring Festival. It is such a case, resulting in less than a month away from the Spring Festival, when the major appliance stores began very early to fight for the Spring Festival market. As the increasingly competitive consumer electronics market this year, there is a characteristic phenomenon is more emphasis on marketing, business-specific consumer groups, seize the market segments.

Migrant Session: mobile phone into a new stocking

During the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers busy home, a big city fashion and spend much money on home appliances became one of the new Spring Festival shopping. Appliance stores in Beijing this year to tap the potential of urban consumption, while paying attention to the development of this consumer groups and services. For example, medium and large electrical Yangqiao stores, Yuquan Road, shops, shops, the central tower of the main store special “Homecoming Shopping Specials” for this part of the consumer balance of nearly 300 special mobile phones, small appliances and other products. Reporter in large and medium electrical shop to see the central tower, cell phone, MP3, microwave oven, full bath and other “new” appliances become migrant workers the most desirable gift.

Reporters found that most migrant workers are willing to buy a mobile phone. Motorola counter promoters said that the recent number of particularly good mid-range mobile phone sales, buyers are mostly migrant workers. Some migrant workers home in the more remote, underdeveloped business network, so before returning home to buy a cell phone, not cumbersome, and easier to use their hometowns.

Dazhong Electronics Communications Beijing Branch Manager Wangsi Jia said that the current Session medium and large workers put in hundreds of mobile phones only including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and other brands, but also Lenovo, Amoi, Bird and other domestic mobile phone. 500 with the following basic color phones, polyphonic ringtones and other functions, some domestic phone also with MP3, MP4 and other video features, the higher cost. “But from a sales point of view, more people would choose the appearance of fashion, entertainment, feature-rich mobile phones around 1,000 yuan.” Wang Sijia also advised consumers to purchase “the best choice for some well-known brands, many mobile phone service network to facilitate national UNPROFOR. “

Addition to mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras and other electronic goods are also well loved by young and migrant workers. Currently Canon, Fuji, Samsung and other digital camera 5 million pixels of the basic price of 1,000 yuan, 400 million pixels of lower prices. “New Year Well, fun, like photo Liugejinian, need it!” A young man from Gansu, said happily.

Ride winter: sales of digital products

To seize business opportunities to New Year’s color TV market, the most popular, Beijing Gome single TV category of procurement on the more than 3 billion yuan, 8.0 billion in total purchases accounted for almost 40% of the share, including flat panel TVs accounted for 70% . Suning and Hisense, Skyworth, Sony, Samsung, Haier and other well-known brand has signed hundreds of millions of flat-panel TV purchase orders, Hisense, Skyworth, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp and other brands is the upcoming 2007 New exclusive supply Suning. Dazhong official said, according to sales trends, price wars will continue to be the mainstream LCD TV market trends, and the price gradually to the high-end range war, the development of large-size flat-panel TVs.

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