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Clean Cloudz Vapes is committed to providing you with an easy to navigate space where you can access a diverse selection of the absolute best vaporizer brands in the industry. With so many new brands and products popping up every day, we strive to maintain an exhaustive inventory of vaporizers, accessories and manufacturer direct replacement parts. #OneStopShop The current trend for modern vaporizer brands is that they are pushing the envelope of specialized functionality. Brands including Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Vapir, VaporBrothers, Magic Flight, White Rhino, Atmos and 7th Floor have been consistently delivering the kind of technology that creates optimal vaporization suited to a specific type of “material”. An unfortunate reality in the exploding vaporizer market is the practice of vaporizer and parts cloning. Like all forms of product cloning, some unscrupulous manufacturer with no intention of being around for long, creates a cheap knock off. While the two vaporizers may seem identical and even share the same name, the clones are usually so low quality that they end up costing the consumer more than just buying a recognized name brand from a reputable distributor. CCV only builds relationships with brands that we identify as being both innovative and as displaying a brand reputation that has a high level of customer satisfaction. In other words, we filter out the garbage, so you can just shop confidently for the vaporizer that fits your needs. Working with the manufacturer eliminates any chance of a product/part not being 100% authentic. Find the REAL brands you're looking for and vape with confidence












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